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Below is a list of current and completed projects including infographics, monitoring reports and research briefs designed to support decision-makers and resource managers.

SWCC Screenshot.png


SW Crown CFLRP Monitoring

This project was supported through the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program as part of the SW Crown's social and economic monitoring effort.

2013 Baseline Monitoring Report

2016 5-year Monitoring Report

2021 10-year Monitoring Report

Subcontracting Trends in SW Crown


NE Washington CFLRP Monitoring

A project to monitor the impacts generated from Grants and Agreements, Procurement and Timber contracts on local communities.

Monitoring Report

Appendix A

Appendix B


NeWFC Infographic Image.PNG
County Payments Screenshot.png


County Payments Scenario Planning

This project involved making sense of county payments programs and creation of scenarios for understanding how various management alternatives may result in changes to county payments.

Presentation to Montana Forest Counties Summit


Impact of Collaboration

A project to develop and implement a replicable method for measuring the impact of collaborative governance on national forest management outcomes using Forest Service administrative data. 

Link to OSF project page and data files

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